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Ryan Bros Coffee came to us with a distinct problem. They were already established in their local community, but they struggled to replicate that success online. They were also unsure what sort of monetary commitment they were ready to make. We proposed a revenue-shared model that cost them nothing out of pocket. Through a series of strategic email and product campaigns, we increased their online sales by 205% and created a monthly recurring revenue stream through subscription services.

Ryan Bros Coffee has been in business since 1994 and specializes in creating handcrafted coffees and teas for their customers. They currently have five locations in California and in early 2020, they began investing in the e-commerce side of their business.

Ryan Bros Coffee brought our team onboard in June 2020 to help them take their email marketing to the next level. At the beginning of our agreement, email was producing 3% of their overall revenue and they had average open rates of 7% with click through rates hovering around 0.5%. Together we have increased their email marketing revenue to represent 33% of their overall revenue, open rates to 23% and their click through rate to 1.3% on average.

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